Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Rule of White Space

Note: Allen Says wrote this as an ebook, I'm quoting from it here... He wrote it way, Way back in 1998, which in Internet Time is EONS ago, and it's still useful today.

The way one writes for a book is one way, the way one writes for the web is another way.
People do NOT read the entire thing you wrote! They scan it first... read on:


A Sales Letter Or Web Site With Solid Copy Is
Hard To Read - Hard To Read Copy
Does Not Make Money!

The easier it is to read your letter or web site the more money you will make - period!

Break up your copy with short sentences, short paragraphs and lot's of sub headlines to create white space....make it very easy to read.

Making the copy clogged up all together is a tragic mistake made by many an advertiser. People will not exert much effort to read copy that makes their head hurt.

If they don't read it - you don't make money - no matter how good the ad is!

This same concept applies to your web site. The simpler it is to read the more you will make. Be careful with your background. Make sure it does not interfere with the reading.

Direct, Clear & Focused Sites Make Money!

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