Sunday, July 26, 2009

Article Directories as Back Links

Article Directories with High Page Rank

For getting a new site off the ground in the serps there is nothing as effective as article directories. This is not true with every niche if the niche already has a zillion articles published but if your niche is not represented in the article directories you just cant beat the boost given to your site from article directories.

If you're competitors are not using article marketing and you are... it's a slam dunk.
If they are then it behooves you to match them.

Written for human consumption or Googlebot's consumption?

I write for Googlebot and "pretty it up" just in case a human "accidentally" "stumbles upon" my article.

Computer generated articles:
below is an example of an article NOT written for human consumption, it's purpose is solely to get Google to see the keywords associated with the author of the site's target url.

I found it because a substantial portion of this "article" was "scraped" from my site!!
I was checking on MY backlinks and discovered this.. I just had to post it as an example of horrible writting (from a human journalism point of view) but perfect example of writing exclusively for the algorithim:

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Could This Be the End of SEO As We Know It?

There was a thread on the Warrior Forum about Google's changes in how they score a site. I thought the thread was illuminating:

Too many people want something for nothing, they all want the easy way out, no one wants to get their hands dirty.

Google uses an algorithm, Yahoo started out as a human edited directory, Yahoo wasn't really a search engine, it just looked like one. People all have their own best interests at heart. There is no way a human (unless you are Jesus himself) are going to be completely totally objective. 

Not even the supreme court, all of your decsions are going to have your personal tastes influence what you choose. Yahoo's humans tended to be anti business, and guess who pays the bills? 


So much for that business model, Yahoo is likely to be sold to Microsoft because it cant pay it's bills. Back to the algorithym story:

An algorithym counts, it's a robot, a search engine robot called Googlebot. Googlebot will go out and see what your site is really about. Once upon a time you could tell search engines what your site was about (many were lying), Google is not going to take your word for it, they're going to go see for themselves.

Many in the search engine optimization business mistakenly think their job is to outwit Google and get listed for free. (you can pay to get into Google but you'd better know what you're doing or you'll pay more for the keywords than you earn).

Just keep Google's customer happy and Google will like YOU. Google can make you rich, but only if you understand this: Goolge depends on it's customer and that customer is NOT the advertiser! Google's entire business depends on delivering relevant search results. Google pays out 80% of what it collects to those of us running Adsense for crying out loud. Here is your mantra:

  1. Google's users come first.
  2. Google comes second.
  3. You come third.

If you pull that off, Google can make you rich.

No one is going to do that.

except me

therefore I've got the entire arena to myself (and I like it like that)

Here's the thread in the Warrior Forum that got me prompted me to write this post:

Thankfully I have not yet been a victim of this but I've noticed a several people complaining that their site has been dropped and even deindexed from Google recently.

Apparently there have been rumors floating around that Google wanted to start tracking user behavior and with Google Chrome that's now possible. 

Could this be the end of content that's just "fodder" for the SEs?
Could this be the end of sales letter homepages ranking well for anything?
Do you think this is really happening?
How will you adjust if it does?
And here is the best advice any one trying to get ranked high in the search engines could follow:

Exactly! Don't run after every trend or try to game the system with the latest automated script.

Build a well organized (tightly themed) site with original content.
Make your urls and sub folders spider friendly.

Create a Google sitemap submit to Google.

Create a user sitemap and link to it from every page. When a page is indexed the sitemap will let the spider explore the rest of your site.

Publish articles to the article directories with links back to your site.

Create a blog and submit it to all the blog search engines.

Google did shake things up recently but all most site took a drastic rise in ranking. Most are in the top 5 and several top 1.

If you keep your content original and tightly themed, you will eventually rank well for the theme.

Author of that last post: John Hocking
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting in trouble with Google

When your site ranks pretty good and then it slips in ranking, the first thing that comes to mind is:
Google Penalized Me?

In Search Engine Optimization parlance there is an urban legend called the "Google Sandbox"

The "Sandbox" is a term to indicate that you got caught doing something Google Disapproves of. You're not banned, but you are 'sent to a corner' for being a 'bad boy'.

I had a Frederick Internet Advertising Client that I made a blogspot blog for, just like this one. The same style Business Blog I made for several other Frederick Maryland small business owners. The first few Business Blogs I created outperformed the local competition and often out performed a companies existing website.

This particular client had stiffer competition than the first few early successes I had. The blogspot blog temporarily ranked high (in the top ten search engine results) but faded.

This made me look bad.

I posted to the Warrior Forum to get help. If my clients don't do good, I don't look good... here are some excerpts from my request for assistance:
It would seem that I over did the keyword phrase thing.

I've got a client, a moving company, they had a site but it didn't rank at all...
not for the keyword phrase he wanted targeted.

so... I made him 3 blogs, the blogs were ranking a lot higher than his main site.

keyword phrase: Frederick Maryland movers I got on the second page
keyword phrase: Frederick Maryland Moving company I couldn't get...
this next one ranked on the second page but I think I over did the keywords because it's vanished today:

What must I do to get that last blog out of the sandbox?

I'm thinking I should post more to 'thin out' the keyword stuffing I did.

any more ideas gang?

The response to my question:
Google doesn't have a sandbox to get out of. You never were in a sandbox. There is a common event that people often refer to as a the "Sandbox Effect". It's not a penalty or even a bad thing.

Google ranks websites in it's index with an algorithm that uses many different factors. One of these factors it the "freshness factor" (a.k.a. QDF) that will temporary boost the ranking of newly added pages. After this "freshness factor" boost wears off, your web page will drop to it's truly deserving rank.

Your new web pages were given a temporary boost (this is a good thing). Now go to work building traffic and backlinks so that you can earn a lasting higher ranking in Google's index.

QDF stands for "Query Deserves Freshness" and it's the term Google's algorithm specialists use internally.

how do you got out of the sandbox??? hmmm

The sandbox that doesn't exist?

The question you should be asking is "how do I improve my ranking"?

Just because the freshness factor only helps your ranking when your page is um... fresh, doesn't mean your in a sandbox or penalized in any way. It means you have competitors that rank higher than you do.

Thanks Don, so I didn't run afoul of the 'powers that be'.

Cool, so then my creating a company blog for my client ranked at first only because it was 'fresh'?

Just build your links gradually. The sandbox is just an occurance of having a new site. It's a time thing i'm afraid. Google needs to 'trust' your site first before it will allow you to rank for competitive keywords.

This doesn't mean that you can rank at the top for less competitive, long tailed keywords though. Why not conventrate on them. In time your site will naturally rank better for the more competitive keywords once you gain a bit of trust and page rank from Google.


** Just read the post above. The sandbox is debatable. I don't think of it as a sandbox to be honest... it is more an effect of curcumstances.

Friday, November 14, 2008

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    Saturday, October 4, 2008

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