Saturday, August 30, 2008

How To Write With A Magnetic Force So Powerful People Read Every Word!

Create Action! - Appeal To The Subconscious!

Are you ready to crack open your readers subconscious mind and make him see exactly what you want him to see? Feel what you want him to feel?

It is done by using Verbs throughout your copy!

Verbs Make What You Say Come to Life With Action, Force and Magnetism!

Create - Open - Turn - Discover - Keep - Build - Find - Unleash - Explode - Uncover - Break - Tear - Punch - Rivet - Drop - Kick - Stir - Strike - Spread - Dig - Throw - Come - Go - Do - Pull - Cut - Push - Shake...

Examples of bulleted benefits that start out with Verbs...

# Create Unlimited Profits From One-Page Web Sites!
# Discover The Real Secret Behind FFA Link Pages!
# Unleash The Power of Email List Building!
# Drop Your Competition Like A Hot Rock!
# Turn Your Fax Machine Into A Cash Machine!
# Explode Your Web Sites Hits With This Simple Trick!

One and two syllable Verbs that denote physical movement are the only words that give power, life and action to what you write.

Stay away from Abstract and Passive Verbs like: finalize, disseminate, cosummate, etc...these are passive and weaken your statement!

"Finalize the deal" is weak while "Close the deal" is direct and strong!

"Realize greater profits" is no good - "Make More Money Now" is better!

Short, simple words and sentences laced with Verbs create magnetic and persuasive writing!

Verbs have an uncanny way of getting the subconscious mind of any person to bubbling. The subconscious is the seat of re-action and emotion. When the reader reads benefits that are created with a lot of Verbs, the benefits literally turn into commands for the subconscious.

To your subconscious mind, the sentence...'Create Unlimited Profits From One-Page Web Sites!', a stimulus to act!. It willstir the emotions of the reader. He will 'see' himself creating, being, doing, turning and building what you say.

The subconscious mind acts on commands. It is compelled to do so. That's what it does. If you are a person that can be hypnotized, the hypnotist can prove to you real quick that the subconscious acts on commands! You will not be hypnotizing anyone with your letters :), but you will be causing emotional reactions in them as they read.

Words, both written and spoken, do cause reactions in people. The reactions you cause will determine what kind of money you make. This technique works to excite and stimulate your readers mind and emotions.

One thing is for certain, if your letter does not evoke emotional responses from your readers you will not make money.

Although they will never admit it this type of advertising also works on the 'logical minded' reader. The type who makes believe he doesn't have a right side to his brain that can be affected by what holds his attention. Always serious..never emotional..mathematical type people. They do get excited.

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