Sunday, July 20, 2008

Advertising copy that actually sells something!

Bulleted Benefit Lists Create Buyers!

Transform The Ordinary Into The Irresistible By Creating Detailed
Benefit Lists!

Take a look at the letters that have made millions in sales. Look at the current ads and web sites that you know are making money. What is the common thread you see in all of them?

Lists of Benefits!

Tons of Bullets Pointing Out What You Get When You Order!

If you look at my own sales pages you see that I make use of bulleted benefits in a very big way. Almost the entire page is bulleted benefits.

There have been many times when I needed a certain thing fast and have ordered from a certain page based entirely on the bulleted list. If the page would not have had clear, specific benefits (what I get) in list format, they would not have gotten my order.

On the Internet benefit lists are even more incredibly irresistible. On the net you have the ability to deliver digital products the same day or even instantly!. I have seen and owned one page web sites, filled with nothing but solid lists of bulleted benefits and an order form at the bottom, pull in over $800 a day. And these are one man operations with no dealers or affiliates.

Benefits after benefits have an astounding effect on the reader. Done correctly it can make the readers so excited that sales, if you are hitting your target market, are guaranteed.

Review your product in detail, extract every possible benefit someone would get from it and write them all down!

Do this before you ever attempt writing the actual sales letter. You will find by doing so that the benefit list you're writing will make your own mind explode with creative ideas and the sales letter will literally write itself from there on.

Benefit lists make it very clear what the reader gets. Since the reader is only concerned with what he gets, benefit lists are your most powerful sales letter weapon.

I have found that once I start writing down every benefit I can think of it puts me in the perfect sales letter writing mood. Something about a list of benefits makes even the copywriter himself excited and ready to write. If you have found it hard to write sales letters in the past, then start out writing down every benefit you can first and see what a difference it makes in your ability to write and in your sales!

Here's an example benefit list from a money-making book...

# How to create your own 150 page book in 8 days or less!
# Combine the Internet and fax-on-demand for unstopable profits!
# Create your own e-book in less than 2 minutes!
# Add this 'one' line to your site and say bye to your competition!
# Master the art of sales letter writing by reading the Magic Book!
# Control how your prospects see you with this simple strategy!

That is a simple example of a bulleted benefit list. To make your own just review your product in detail. The more you come up with the better!

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