Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Power of Someone Else "Blowing Your Horn!"

The Power of Someone Else
"Blowing Your Horn!"

A sales letter without testimonials is like a motorboat without the motor.

It has no power.

Without testimonials you're just blowing your own horn. Get testimonials and record them.

Ask your customers for a testimonial!

Don't be shy. Be upfront and tell them you need some honest reviews of your product or service. It's as simple as that. Don't
wait until someone sends you one. Go get them!

Testimonials do two important things:

#1. Positive testimonials increase the excitement factor!

#2. Adds credibility & believability to your letter for the simple fact that I would rather hear about your product from someone besides you!

You might lie to me because it's your product. But down inside me, I don't think the other person is lying to me or exaggerating because it's not his product and he has nothing to gain by telling me what it did for him.

That is the true power of testimonials!

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