Saturday, September 20, 2008

Headlines - The Ad For the Ad!

Your Sales Letter May Be Incredible, But If Your Headline Doesn't Catch Them The Sales Letter Will Never Get Read!

You must understand the power and importance of headlines. 80% of the power and effectiveness of your ad is in the headline you choose. One will have the power to draw the reader into the rest of your letter and another will not.

You must test.

One headline will pull up to 1500% more response/profit than another!

Books that sold few copies became bestsellers when the publisher stripped the title (headline) and replaced it with another. The rest of the book remained exactly the same.

Powerful headlines must scream out the biggest benefits you can think of.

It must grab the reader and make him want to read more.

Some examples of the best headline types.....

The News Headline:

"Breakthrough Internet Marketing Group Uncovers The Secrets To Getting Rich On The Web Using Simple Math Strategies!"

The 'Yes' Question Headline:

"Would You Like To Know How An Ex-Bouncer With No Internet
Experience Pulled In Over $120,494.32 His First Year
On The Net?"

The 'How-To' Headline:

"How To Add At Least $745 A Week To Your Profits Just By
Adding One Little Line To Your Web Site!"

Here are actual headlines that where a huge success...

"Imagine Harry and Me Advertising Our Pears in Fortune!"
People love personal stories...who's Harry and me? why did you advertise in Fortune Magazine? did it work?....

"The Secret of Making People Like You"
It's easy to see why this was a success. You can't get any more direct than this headline. It strikes directly at a need virtually everyone has. The Power Word "secret' attracts attention.

"How to Get Rid of an Inferiority Complex"
The how-to headline creates a desire to read more. The benefit "getting rid of their inferiority complex" is something millions of people need. It's totally direct and to the point.

"The Crimes We Commit Against Our Stomachs"
"Crimes" a Power Word that attracts attention simply because it already has deep meaning to everyone. What Crimes am I commiting against my stomach?..the desire to know more brought them into the ad..

"How I Made A Fortune With A "Fool Idea"
Paradox Power - This headline created immense curiosity ....How did you make a fortune with a fool idea?...could I do it too?...

"How To Win Friends And Influence People"
Another direct headline that cuts right to the heart of millions of people's most basic desires. The desire to be liked and to have a presence that makes an impact.

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