Monday, September 15, 2008

Perceived Value

Explode Sales by Increasing Perceived Value!

The Art of Making Your Product Look Like It's Worth 20 Times What You Are Charging For It.

Here's another technique that is perfect for Internet marketing.

Increasing the perceived value is easily done by simply adding bonuses that cost you little or nothing to add and create a 'package deal'!

Let's say you are selling a book on getting to the top of search engines....

You could add 2 or 3 web marketing reports you found as bonuses. You could add some free software you discovered that made your job 100 times easier, you could add this e-book you're reading now and so on.

Write down every benefit the reader will get from theses bonuses and make a bulleted list of them!

This can make your $29.95 book seem like it's worth $229.95!

Look for things that can go along with your product as bonuses but yet cost you very little to produce. With a little effort you can easily make your current product seem like it's worth 20 times what you are charging for it.

It will actually be worth more than you are charging if you put some good bonuses together. And that's great - it cost you nothing extra and will blow your sales through the roof. Everybody wins.

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