Sunday, September 14, 2008

Move Your Reader To Action Using Command Copy!

From the 'guru'marketers to multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies most of them have one thing in common - All Use Command Copy!

You see it on sales letters and on television: Act Now! - Order Now! - Pick Up The Phone And Call Now! - Do it Now! - Take Action Today!

Command copy creates impulses to act!

It has the power to make a reader actually pick up the phone and order when otherwise he would have put it off if the command had not been given.

I'm not saying you turned him into a robot that had to obey you and order. I'm saying that when you gave the command to: 'Go Ahead And Order Now' helped give him the impulse to act. You 'opened' his mind up to the thought of actually going ahead and picking up the phone to call. Tell your reader exactly what he should do and it will shock you when you discover he actually does it!

Is this hard to believe?

It has been proven through millions of dollars in testing sales letters and tv commercials both with and without command copy. The differences in responses are astounding!

The owner of a popular real estate package being sold on cable tv reported that when they put the words "Get up and call now - 1-800-xxx-xxxx" across the bottom of the screen and added a part at the end where he again gave the order to 'get up and call now' the commercial immediately began making a profit whereas every time it was ran before it lost money!

Your reader or the TV viewer may be blown away by your product. He may sit hypnotized by the thoughts of all he could do with your product. But unless you tell him to order now and show him a clear and easy way to do it, he may just keep right on sitting there spaced out about your product but never actually making the move to order it.

All of this is MOOT if your copy is NOT at the top ten in Google Search Engine Results!

Where in Google?

Under the keywords that YOUR potential customers are going to type in to the search box in order to find what they're looking for.

And what are they going to add to what they type into the search box?


After they forget to add the local that they live in... what do I mean?
They're going to type in: "widgets"

...and what is Google going to give them in response?

What ever 'widget' website ranks high in the entire world, overall

They won't make that mistake twice.... what are they going to do after that?

Type in 'widgets in Frederick Maryland'

Can you tell that I'm a marketer in Frederick Maryland?
Can you tell that I do search engine optimization for local Frederick Maryland Businesses and 501c3 charities?

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Kristen Wheatley said...

You bring up a great point David. I've recently been tweeking the posts I will be adding with that in mind. I've been blogging hyperlocal posts for about a year now and tended to attract dreamers who had no real plans to act.

I believe a lot of it has to do with the way I have been writing and the lack of a direct (and blunt) call to action.

It will be interesting to test this out and see the results.