Sunday, September 14, 2008

Create Mental Movies In The Mind of Your Reader!

I love things that have dramatic effects on the mind. And nothing has more power than writing in such a way as to cause Moving Pictures and Images to run through the readers mind.

Writing that is filled with descriptive nouns and verbs that convey action to the reader are the secret to making your reader 'see', 'feel' and 'act' on what you say!

Use Nouns to create specific pictures in your readers mind. Specific ideas and descriptions create mental pictures that the reader can absorb instantly.

Abstract ideas create no such images and are therefore impotent in sales copy. They are weak and make reading boring.

What claim below has more impact for you?

"Increase Your Profits Substantially And Quickly With Our Method!"


"Make 247% More Money In Less Than 6 Weeks!"

You can easily see that the second claim carries much more impact. Strive to make every sentence in a sales letter clear, direct and specific!

Money is a definite thing, you can touch it, feel it and see it in your minds eye. 247% is specific while 'substantially' is weak and tells you nothing.

Never write with vague language that the reader can not instantly grasp!

"I Lost 18 Pounds of Fat in 3 Weeks"
is more powerful than
"I lost a ton of weight in a short time"

"I Rake In At Least $833 In Cash Every Day!"
is better than
"My Income Increases Every Day!"

Be specific, clear and direct!

Frederick Web Promotions uses this
specific marketing philosophy
in every web promotion campaign for Frederick
Maryland clients, both business and 501c3 non profit charities.

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