Saturday, September 20, 2008

Simple Words & Short Sentences Make Money!

Simple Words & Short Sentences
Make Money!

Simple words and short sentences have the same effect as white space. They make your letter easy to read.

The Easier It Is To Read Your Letter or Web Page The More Money You Make!

Repeating this truth 1000 times would not be too much!

Nothing kills more sales than a full, solid page of type. It's just too damned hard to read and most people won't do it.

Don't torture your potential customer. Make everything as simple and direct as you possibly can and your ads will make the most money.

If you don't write short, direct statements that cut right to the heart of the matter you will lose the interest of your reader - you will lose the sale.

Shorter sentences and paragraphs keep your letter lively, fast moving and can hold your reader spellbound.

The masters use this technique along with action verbs and descriptive nouns to create letters that are so moving and carry such emotional impact that the average reader simply can't resist it!

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