Saturday, September 20, 2008

Create Ideas In The Readers Mind!

Create Ideas In The Readers Mind!

This is a technique that puts money in the bank and in a very big way. You should, at every chance you get, say things that will create ideas in the mindof your reader.

When your letter gives me ideas, it creates excitementand creative energy inside soon as I feel that excitement it is instantly linked with you!

The more you can make your letter give me ideas the more you are guaranteed of making a sale.

This is what makes Free Special Reports a no fail, money in the bank marketing strategy. I have recieved special reports that made me a life long customer of the author's that wrote them. Nothing is greater than that which gives value and asks nothing in return.

# Pour your heart out into reports that can really help someone!

# Place a section at the bottom of the report showing ways to contact you!

# Give the reports away free to everyone you can!

Remember how Microsoft's Hotmail got started?

Before Hotmail, almost NO ONE used webmail, Microsoft GAVE it away free!!

Now who hasn't heard of hotmail and doesn't everyone use webmail rather than Outlook?

# Allow others to distribute them freely as long as they are unchanged!

As these reports get picked up by other people and get spread around you will experience the power of having people come to you who already like you and are more than willing to do business with you.

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