Thursday, January 29, 2009

Could This Be the End of SEO As We Know It?

There was a thread on the Warrior Forum about Google's changes in how they score a site. I thought the thread was illuminating:

Too many people want something for nothing, they all want the easy way out, no one wants to get their hands dirty.

Google uses an algorithm, Yahoo started out as a human edited directory, Yahoo wasn't really a search engine, it just looked like one. People all have their own best interests at heart. There is no way a human (unless you are Jesus himself) are going to be completely totally objective. 

Not even the supreme court, all of your decsions are going to have your personal tastes influence what you choose. Yahoo's humans tended to be anti business, and guess who pays the bills? 


So much for that business model, Yahoo is likely to be sold to Microsoft because it cant pay it's bills. Back to the algorithym story:

An algorithym counts, it's a robot, a search engine robot called Googlebot. Googlebot will go out and see what your site is really about. Once upon a time you could tell search engines what your site was about (many were lying), Google is not going to take your word for it, they're going to go see for themselves.

Many in the search engine optimization business mistakenly think their job is to outwit Google and get listed for free. (you can pay to get into Google but you'd better know what you're doing or you'll pay more for the keywords than you earn).

Just keep Google's customer happy and Google will like YOU. Google can make you rich, but only if you understand this: Goolge depends on it's customer and that customer is NOT the advertiser! Google's entire business depends on delivering relevant search results. Google pays out 80% of what it collects to those of us running Adsense for crying out loud. Here is your mantra:

  1. Google's users come first.
  2. Google comes second.
  3. You come third.

If you pull that off, Google can make you rich.

No one is going to do that.

except me

therefore I've got the entire arena to myself (and I like it like that)

Here's the thread in the Warrior Forum that got me prompted me to write this post:

Thankfully I have not yet been a victim of this but I've noticed a several people complaining that their site has been dropped and even deindexed from Google recently.

Apparently there have been rumors floating around that Google wanted to start tracking user behavior and with Google Chrome that's now possible. 

Could this be the end of content that's just "fodder" for the SEs?
Could this be the end of sales letter homepages ranking well for anything?
Do you think this is really happening?
How will you adjust if it does?
And here is the best advice any one trying to get ranked high in the search engines could follow:

Exactly! Don't run after every trend or try to game the system with the latest automated script.

Build a well organized (tightly themed) site with original content.
Make your urls and sub folders spider friendly.

Create a Google sitemap submit to Google.

Create a user sitemap and link to it from every page. When a page is indexed the sitemap will let the spider explore the rest of your site.

Publish articles to the article directories with links back to your site.

Create a blog and submit it to all the blog search engines.

Google did shake things up recently but all most site took a drastic rise in ranking. Most are in the top 5 and several top 1.

If you keep your content original and tightly themed, you will eventually rank well for the theme.

Author of that last post: John Hocking
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